Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March Health Update

I returned from NIH/NCI a few days ago. After undergoing the testing schedule and meeting with Docs, this is the latest.....My brain tumor has not grown, this is good news as it had been growing at a good pace the previous 2 months. My liver is stable, which in "cancer medical" terms means that the tumors are growing but at a slow pace. I still have the same symptoms/issues going on: fatigue and abdomin pain. If you know anyone who is fighting cancer, let me help you help them, this is a huge mental battle on top of the physical mess, specially if the cancer is terminal. You fight, cause that gives you time. The Lord does heal, and even if HE doesn't choose to heal me HE is still God! I will return to NIH/NCI in April for another round of tests.