Monday, September 27, 2010

End of Summer

Thank you for following this blog, I realize that blogs are usually updated more frequently but my subject matter can be overwhelming so I write when I can.
I have no treatment regiment going on at this time, I am in the "no cure-nothing can be done" camp at this point. There are a few clinical trials going on that might fit but they are still in phase 1/2. We are still researching alternative treatments and supplements, as you can imagine, there are more "cures" out there than people have noses! Cancer is such a huge business these days that those with Cancer really will pay anything for a chance. I've had people send me things to try and upon researching them, found they would actually help to kill me! Many types of cancer, many are curable with proven treatments, but people make the mistake of thinking that the cancer is cancer, and it is not. If you have cancer, do your homework for YOUR particular type of disease and remember "experts" are everywhere for just $39.95 plus shipping! Be sure you have a support system around you!
As for me, I returned to my local oncologist in September. Blood tests showed low numbers again so another blood transfusion I got. Looking into the cause of this? Liver is very enlarged and growing, length now spans from upper chest to waistline, and right side abdomen is literally rock solid. Pain continues to be a full time thing, as I am now on pain meds 24/7. Energy levels vary and strength loss is huge. Weight loss is still an issue, I am trying to eat everything I can to maintain but it doesn't often stay down.
I am very thankful to all of you who follow this blog and appreciate your thoughts and prayers. I do want you to know that although my faith in The Lord is not shaken, this is a hell of a disease to deal with. I am very human and live with doubt, anger, discouragement, and the like but I choose to not let those things define me. It takes ALOT of work and I am not always successful. This disease wears you and your family out. It is very stressful on my wife and kids, but we all know The Lord is in control. I search everyday for anything that will help while I wait upon Him and His Healing.