Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Change of Spring

March and April have brought more change than just the weather. I stayed in Springfield and got a CT scan of the pelvis/chest/abdomen in March. No course of action seems to be left for me at NIH/NCI, great people, but even they can go so far with an incurable disease.
The CT scans revealed that the liver tumors are growing at a good rate, the tumor outside the liver is growing and is located between the spleen and the head of the pancreas. I have also now developed Pericardia Effusion (fluid on the heart), this causes shortness of breathe, circulation issues, and fatigue.
Since February I have lost 32 pounds, a constant upset stomach keeps most things for staying put and one meal a day is a big deal. The right side of abdomen is hard, like when I used to have a six pack, now its just like a quart on one side, lol. I have just seen my local oncologist to receive pain and nausea medication, trying to stay off pain medication as long as possible as it is addictive, but nausea meds are helping me keep food down!
Actively looking for other clinical trials to participate in but my true hope and trust is in the healing power of Jesus Christ. The Lord has always been faithful to me, even when I was not. I know the Lord heals, I know not everyone is healed, but I know that will not change what I believe and in whom I believe.
My wife has been an incredible partner and help in the last 20 months, really all 20 years too. This disease takes a toll on all those involved and I would not be here without her support. If you are fight cancer or any other disease be sure to have a support system around you-it matters.
I keep on keepin on...