Thursday, July 9, 2009

June / July Update

Since the last post I hit that 10-14 day critical time head on. I did in fact have an immune system crash, white blood cell counts fell very low (prevents you from fighting infection) and platelet counts crashed (blood can't clot). So I had to avoid crowds, small children (not my own), and could not use sharp objects, because I might cut myself and bleed to death! I got weaker and weaker and then I had to start giving myself 2 shots a day of neupogen. The lowest point was having to go to St. John's emergency to receive a platelet transfusion. My platelet count fell so low that my Docs became concerned of a bleed out at the brain tumor location that had received the radiation. That was about a 5 day process. I began to feel better and got energy back so no more shots! I have felt pretty decent the last 2 weeks, best in a long time.
That brings us to July-I am currently at NIH/NCI and leaving for home in the morning. I arrived here on Tuesday to do testing and prepare for the PHP surgery #2 on Thursday. Tests revealed that the procedure appears to be working and is causing the tumors to loose some of their structure. This is good news. The reason for not having the second PHP is that stinkin brain tumor...MRI reveal swelling and inflammation, causing Docs concern about a bleed out during surgery due to receiving blood thinners during the procedure. So home I go encouraged about the liver, concerned about the brain, and waiting another 5 weeks for action...

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