Friday, October 9, 2009

October Update

The Latest....Since last round of testing the results show that my liver tumors (large & numerous) are about the same. This is mixed as PHP surgery has slowed their rate of growth but not their size or number. It is the brain tumor that is really not helping. The radiation seems to have just ticked it off, it has not reduced in size but has not grown either. The radiation surgery left inflammation that is prone to bleed out during the PHP surgery so it has left me with time, something not really known for with liver cancer! I am on hold with NIH/NCI while the brain tumor is monitored for a reduction in inflammation, once that occurs, it will allow me to have PHP surgery #2. The success of the clinical trial has been that you receive the PHP surgery every 6 weeks, I have seen a slight improvement in my fatigue and pain but brain tumor is preventing a second PHP at this time. Frustrating for sure...Thank you all for your prayers, this is a battle just can't afford to lose. So how was your day? Count those blessings people!

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  1. Prayering for much Peace and Comfort in your life and family Adam