Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April Health Update

Just returned from NIH/NCI (National Institutes of Health/National Cancer Institute) in Bethesda, MD (Metro D.C). I was there for 3 days of tests, scans, and exams. The cancer in my liver is still growing, in fact has grown 20% since my last visit! So that puts me in the column of needing to have the PHP liver surgery, which is the surgery for the phase 3 trial I am in. But, as all news on this blog seems to be lately, the tumor in my brain has not shrunk. The spot on my hip does not look to have changed. At this point, the SRS radiation surgery seems to have prevented it from growing anymore than last month, but the size is still the same and looks to have a hemorrhage area around the tumor. The PHP liver surgery is a major surgery and involves receiving Heparin, a blood thinner. With my brain tumor having signs of hemorrhage, this prevents me from getting the surgery because the blood thinners could cause a bleed out in the brain and I may suffer a stroke, not good. So looking for something positive, my brain tumor did not grow the last 30 days! So We will wait another 30 days to see if the brain tumor gets any better and have the liver surgery if it does and if it doesn't be faced with some more hard choices. As for daily activity, I still have all the fatigue, which for an active person like me sucks, 'cause I've got energy for about all of 4 hours of the day. I constantly run a high temp/low fever and seem to be getting more frustrated and the situation, but life isn't fair just full.
I appreciate all of you that read this blog for updates and especially your prayers! Life is not very fun right now, but I so enjoy my wife and kids. I deal with plenty of discouragement, questions, and doubt.....but The Lord is still in control.

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